Better manage costs and reduce spending

Organizations today are increasing their use of mobile devices to improve the flow of information. For most, these services do not generate revenue, but support mission-critical operations.

CellAsyst billing analysis tool can help firms manage wireless costs, reduce fluctuations in wireless bills, eliminate services that are not adding value and add services that address changing usage patterns

CanAsyst is a national leader in providing a way to instantly analyze your wireless bill, making it interactive and easy to isolate patterns.

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The increased use of mobile devices makes it difficult to identify the source of higher-than-normal wireless bill charges.

A wireless billing analysis tool enables finance departments to identify billing concerns based on abnormal behavior of a particular service or individual subscriber

Usage by Subscriber

An interactive analysis is an absolute necessity if your goal is to identify out of scope charges and usage behavior.

Run searches, sort by subscriber or by service, and click through individual charges to get to the source.


Comparing usage to previous billing periods (by service and by subscriber) can be extremely useful in detecting changes.

Instant reports generated with one click allow you to take charge of your wireless billing costs.

Smarter phones require smarter ways to make decisions. With wireless devices and service plans getting more and more complex, it can be difficult for financial decision makers to find savings or know what services to change.

A wireless billing analysis tool can help isolate historical behavior, problem users or inadequate services that are either abused or underutilized.

Usage by Subscriber

Reports are an important precursor to any good decision. Usage reports can be further analyzed in Excel to support informed management decisions


Good decisions become better decisions when previous billing periods are compared by service and subscriber and see upward and downward trends.

Understanding billing details and changes in usage patterns support proactive identification of service change requirements

The 80/20 rule often applies to your wireless bills. 20% of the users can be responsible for 80% of the overage costs. The identification of the 20% will result in the ability to make changes to better match usage requirements.

CellAsyst is the tool that can isolate historical behaviour, problem users, or inadequate services that are either over-used or under-used.

Usage by Subscriber

Quickly see all costs, activities and consumption of each subscriber, revealing any usage patterns.

Our All Subscriber Report also lets you quickly isolate who is responsible for most of the consumption.


It may seem simple, but sending power users a copy of their wireless bill has, on average led to a decrease in spending in the majority of cases.

In CellAsyst it’s just one click