CellAsyst Software provides Corporate Wireless Customers with:

  • Complete visibility to all components of your non paper invoice
  • Advanced Analysis, Management and Control of wireless voice and data airtime spend.
  • The ability to identify the need to make changes to service plans and features as corporate wireless requirements change.
  • Cost certainty via Transparency, Oversight and Accountability.
  • Flexibility – customer decides what details and which reports they want to review.
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By CanAsyst Ltd.

Analyze | Manage | Control

Wireless Expense Management Made Easy!

Things you should know:

  • The average telephone bill takes a lot of time to understand and isolate patterns of behavior. As more services are added to today’s devices the task gets more complex.
  • CellAsyst tracks data for more than 90,000 corporate subscribers.
  • Our software has been authorized and recommended by Telus since 2006
  • Going forward, we believe in continued innovation in this space and have a number of new initiatives to further provide value to our Canadian customers